Government of Nepal
Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development

Department of Food Technology and Quality Control

SPS National Enquiry Point



SPS National Enquiry Point:

SPS National Inquiry Point was established in Nepal on January 1, 2004, in the Department of Food Technology and Quality Control (DFTQC) under the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development under the transparency provisions of the agreement on the hygiene of agricultural products. The National Inquiry Point provides detailed information about the provisions related to SPS.
– Coordinating with the national and international bodies related to SPS, keeping a record of information and information about SPS related provisions and sharing them as needed.
– Inquiry of information needed by members of the World Trade Organization and other service users if it is at the point, it will be provided immediately and if it is not, the information will be available in coordination with the relevant agencies to make.
– To carry out the necessary actions in connection with the dissemination of information messages related to S.P.S. Majors.
– Information related to SPS Majors is as electronic as possible to flow quickly and easily to provide using communication mediums (internet, phone fax etc.).


World Trade Organization:

The World Trade Organization was established in 1995 with the aim of making all international trade regulations transparent, strengthening the economic conditions of member countries, increasing trade, investment, employment and income, supporting the production and trade of goods and services, and helping developing countries in sustainable development. Initially, 128 countries and the European Union were involved. Nepal became the 147th member country of the World Trade Organization on April 23, 2004. Till now it has 161 members.

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