Department of Agriculture

Agriculture is the major sector of Nepalese economy. It provides employment opportunities to 66 percent of the total population and contributes about 39 percent in the GDP. Therefore, the development of agriculture sector is key for the development of national economy. The DOA bears overall responsibility for the agricultural growth and development of agriculture sector.

Agriculture sector still has got prime role to play in Nepalese economy. This sector has offered employment to 66 per cent of the economically active population, 39 percent contribution is made to the GDP with 13 percent of the total foreign trade of the country. Keeping in view of the contribution, the agriculture sector was given priority for its development from the onset of the periodic plans till the Eighth Five Year Plan. Establishment of Department of Horticulture in 2045 B.S but soon in 2049 under one umbrella policy all Departments - Horticulture; Crop and Fishery; Food, Agriculture and Market Services; Livestock Health and Food Research Laboratory were brought into one department called the Department of Agricultural Development. Under this department one Director General and seven Directors were posted to look after the new Department.