Department of Livestock Services

  • Department of Livestock Services (DLS) was first established in 1939 as veterinary dispensary, which was transformed into Veterinary Hospital in 1940. Till 1964, 33 vet. Hospitals, 21 dispensaries and 18 check-posts were established. Five farms were also established during this period. In 1966, Department of Livestock Development and Animal Health was established and various livestock development programs like animal health, nutrition, breeding management etc. were implemented. It was amalgamated with Department of Agriculture (DOA) in 1972 and separated from DOA in 1979 and named as its earlier name, Department of Livestock Development and Animal Health. During this period, 75 district livestock development offices, service centers in field levels, regional labs and some new farms were established. Divisions and sections were also established in the central level to support the livestock development programs. It was again amalgamated with DOA with the name Department of Agricultural Development (DOAD) in 1992 with the objective to provide all the agricultural services through one umbrella. Due to some managerial complexities and problems in program implementation, it was then separated from DOAD and named as Department of Livestock Services (DLS) in 1995.